Huntington Physical Therapy is a state of the art facility offering services to many populations including sports/orthopedic, post-surgical, geriatric, as well as people with balance and vestibular (vertigo or dizziness) dysfunction. H.P.T. is owned and run by Matthew Deegan, a physical therapist (PT), and his wife Maria Deegan, a physical therapist assistant (PTA). Matthew and Maria pride themselves on a practice where success is measured by how well and how fast the patients who come here regain function and decrease in pain.

Matthew and Maria attend ongoing education and continue to bring the latest advancements in the field into the practice. As any part of the medical field, physical therapy is one that is continually growing.

Huntington Physical Therapy is a unique practice in that it offers vestibular and balance rehabilitation to those suffering from vertigo, dizziness, and balance problems. Some things that may cause problems are strokes, multiple sclerosis, BPPV, Menieres, damage to semi-circular canals in the inner ear, as well as headache or cervical induced dizziness.